Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam receives praise from Thai club

By Xuan Binh   July 16, 2019 | 04:51 am PT
Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam receives praise from Thai club
Dang Van Lam (C) is the number one choice of Muangthong United for the goalkeeper position. Photo courtesy of Muangthong United.
Muangthong United has complimented Vietnamese goalkeeper Dang Van Lam for helping the club through tough times in Thai League this season.

A Facebook post by the club on Monday reminded fans of its game against Bangkok United on July 7, when Dang Van Lam made an "important" save at the end.

Muangthong were leading 3-2 and it was only seconds left. Lam jumped high and caught the ball safely in his hands. He looked satisfied as he punched the grass. "It showed the serious commitment of the Vietnamese goalkeeper. He's always ready to fight with his team anytime in any situation," said the post in Thai.

A top four team of Thai League 1 in the 2017-2018 season, Muangthong had a rough start this season when they lost 14, drew two and only won three matches in 14 rounds and fell to the relegation zone. But in the recent four rounds, the club went unbeaten with three wins and one draw, which helped them escape the bottom and rise to 12th out of 16 clubs on the table.

Despite the terrible start of Muangthong, Lam rarely got criticized and kept a stable form. He is still the number one option for the goalkeeper position, having played all 18 games for the club and got four clean sheets this season.

"We usually see Van Lam screams at his teammates to motivate them. He’s always focused and never stays in one place. These are amazing qualities. At the start of the season, Lam didn’t have the highest form but he needed the time to adapt. And now he has proved to be solid in the goal and made his teammates feel more confident. Let’s keep cheering for Van Lam!" Muangthong wrote.

Lam, the Vietnam national team goalkeeper, joined Muangthong United from Hai Phong FC for a $500,000 three-year deal in February, after the Thai club were impressed with his performance in AFF Cup 2018, in which Vietnam won the title, conceding no goals until the semifinals.

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