Coach receives suspension for strangling player during match

By Dong Huyen, Lam Thoa   July 10, 2020 | 02:37 am PT
Coach receives suspension for strangling player during match
Coach Hua Hien Vinh is suspended in two V. League 2 match after his inappropriate behavior on the field. Photo courtesy of Pho Hien FC.
V. League 2 coach Hua Hien Vinh and a player have been penalized for violent action against an opponent player earlier this week.

Coach Vinh and player Trinh Quang Vinh will be suspended for two league games and fined VND15 million ($646) each.

Vu Xuan Thanh, head of Vietnam Football Federation’s Disciplinary Department, announced the punishment on Thursday, calling the act "violent."

"[Coach] Vinh couldn't control his behavior and physically attacked a player on purpose, so he needs to learn a lesson."

During stoppage time in the V. League 2 match between Pho Hien FC and An Giang on July 7, as Vo Van Huy prepared for a throw-in, another ball appeared on field. The An Giang player kicked the ball back to the sideline, accidentally hitting Pho Hien assistant coach Le Phuoc Tu. Responding to the incident, head coach Vinh strangled Huy with his bare hands.

Pho Hien player Quang Vinh joined the brawl, causing the game to pause for two minutes. The referee subsequently gave coach Vinh a yellow card and Huy a second yellow.

Coach Hua Hien Vinh strangles a player of the opponent team during a football match on July 7, 2020.

Huy received no punishment since his actions were accidental.

After the game, the two sides reconciled and Vinh apologized.

"I have been thinking a lot about my action. I was very wrong. Huy is an old student and everything was going well until the incident occurred. I was angry and lost control. After the game, me and Huy reconciled with a hug," Vinh said Wednesday.

According to Huy, his team had been losing and time was of the essence, causing him to kick the ball back without any malignant intent.

"After the game, I spoke to Vinh. We have no problem. Everything is back to normal," he confirmed.

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