DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023 launches shirt designs

By Kieu Mien   October 1, 2023 | 08:14 pm PT
The DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023 shirt collection is inspired by those specially designed for aquathlons.

This is the first time the organizers have introduced a race tee for all participants in the aquathlon tournament. Last year, Aquaman Vietnam only had shirts for qualified finishers. This change is intended to encourage the competitive spirit of the 1,500 participants.

The Aquaman Vietnam 2023 race tee version uses the honeycomb mesh lines and the mesh fabric material. This will be a format in the designs of this item in the future. This year, the organizers chose red as the primary color for the shirt, with the black raglan. Red symbolizes enthusiasm, strength, and youthfulness.

The stripes on both sides are stylized from the image of an athlete breaking waves while swimming, showing a solid rise.

Race tee at DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023 - photo courtesy of the Organizer.

Race tee at DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023. Photo courtesy of the organizer

The tournament logo is placed on the shirt's chest, showing pride and highlighting the tournament's name. DNSE Aquaman Vietnam's slogan is "Race of Dreams," which is clearly shown on the back of the shirt.

"Big dreams, persistence, and effort will bring athletes to success. DNSE Aquaman Vietnam is the first aquathlon event in Vietnam. We choose the message of creating dreams of conquering. The new racetrack is intended to inspire players," the organizer said.

In addition to the race tee, athletes of all distances will receive a finisher shift when they have a valid result recorded. The finisher shirt retains the same shape and lines as the race tee, just different in color. The finisher shirt is black with red details. On the back are the words "FINSHER AQUAMAN" - a certificate for those who have overcome challenges on the race.

Finisher T-shirt at Aquaman Vietnam 2023 - photo courtesy of the organizer.

Finisher T-shirt at Aquaman Vietnam 2023. Photo courtesy of the organizer

Currently, the Aquaman Vietnam registration portal is open for registration. Aquaman Vietnam 2023 has four categories: Aquakid for children 6 to 10 years old (200 m swim and 1 km run); Sprint Aqua (500 m swim, 5 km run); Half Aqua (1 km swim, 10 km run), and the longest distance Aquaman (2 km swim and 21 km run), with two formats: individual competition and relay team.

Aquaman Vietnam season two is expected to receive 1,500 participants. The tournament will be organized at NovaWorld Phan Thiet in the central coast, which has a beach with clear blue water and a wide, open running track on the shore.

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