Without restarting 3-month visas Vietnam is losing money

October 20, 2022 | 08:29 pm PT
Without restarting 3-month visas Vietnam is losing money
Two American tourists watch as locals celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in the central town of Hue, September 2022. Photo by VnExpress/Vo Thanh
Readers said Vietnam should offer longer visa stays now to serve year-end winter escape and not lose money to regional competitors.

"Many European pensioners want to escape the cold winter. The number of bookings for trips to Southeast Asia has risen particularly sharply. Thailand is doing a new campaign that pensioners in Europe should turn off the heating and instead come to Thailand to spend the winter. 18 million tourists are expected there by the end of this year. And what is Vietnam doing to attract more international tourists? 10%of the gross domestic product and many jobs depend on international tourism. Doesn't that count at all when it comes to better visa regulations?"

"Without restarting 3-month visas Vietnam is losing money. People are planning runaway from winter now. I receive many questions about the possibility of longer stay. And facing the fact it is not possible to get visa for whole stay many choose Thailand or other countries instead of Vietnam."

"[The government] will keep a one-month visa and miss the opportunity to earn more from tourists from western countries who plan to stay more. Instead of three months in Vietnam, they will stay maybe one month (or they will not come) and for another two or even three months they will stay in Thailand or Malaysia. I don't think it is reasonable to keep a single entry one-month visa and lose a lot of money. If they have a plan to change it, they should do it now because people make a plan for a such trip well ahead."
Zoran Drljaca

"The visa system needs an overhaul. Even a trip to immigration in HCMC is not a guarantee of obtaining a visa. I know of people living here and owning property over 10 years that still have to do visa runs. Each time, stamps and whole page stickers taking up valuable passport pages."

"Until Vietnam open 3-6 months visa: Tourist are reluctant to come Vietnam on 30 days single entry visa. Learn from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia. Vietnam must open up visa for 3-6 months if it wants more tourists to visit."

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