Why tourists don't come back to Vietnam

January 5, 2024 | 03:59 pm PT
Why tourists don't come back to Vietnam
Foreign tourists have dinner at a restaurant in Hue City in central Vietnam, April 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Vo Thanh
As Vietnam continues to see a modest recovery in tourist arrivals post-Covid, readers listed their reasons, from pollution to lack of English speakers.

"My friends visited me once and never came back. Noise pollution, pollution, price cheating at restaurants, people jumping queues, pedestrians’ pavements blocked by motorbikes, rodents everywhere. That the sad reality."

"I just spent 10 long days in Vietnam. It's super cheap, and most people are friendly BUT the pollution, traffic snarls, and the lack of English made it a burden. I had a 90-day visa but decided to try another destination and I am happy."

"I find that the general lack of English language skills is a major turn-off. If that is improved, I see no reason why tourism in Vietnam shouldn't explode in the next decade. When in major cities, traffic infrastructure is an issue. But also part of the experience, however frustrating at times."

"Vietnam has really only been a budget traveler destination, backpackers and economic refugees looking for cheap living on rotating visas. The pollution, dirty streets and noise, etc... don't affect them since the low cost makes it more acceptable. They're not in a financial position to choose. But those that can choose... choose otherwise and go elsewhere. It's been that way for years and unlikely to ever change since the few appealing places left in Vietnam are becoming more polluted every day by shoddy over development and loss of ambiance."
clown. bozo

"Taxi scams at airports leave a very poor first impression."
Jim B

"Vietnam is not for everyone... Can't please everybody but the food and hospitality is above average."

"I really love Vietnam but yeah it's true I'm quite hesitant to go back. The food is fantastic, the countryside scenery is beautiful, and the people are generally friendly and open. The traffic, noise and pollution however are hard to endure. Hope things will continue to improve though."
Seusabah (from Malaysia)

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