Why I hate the vuvuzela

By Danh   February 15, 2023 | 05:05 pm PT
Why I hate the vuvuzela
A woman blows on a vuvuzela at a boat race in Quang Ngai Province in central Vietnam, January 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Pham Linh
Our house is located near a football field. We cannot stand the cacophony and real sonic mess of that thing that people call the vuvuzela.

I don't get why this instrument has not been banned yet. Ever since the 2010s, when the World Cup was organized in South Africa, where the vuvuzela came from, people all over the world have been talking about how much annoyance and harm they bring. Conversations like this are not uncommon in Vietnam.

Multiple studies have pointed out the harmful effects of vuvuzelas. Even football players themselves complain about them.

Some fans not only blow these horns for the whole 90 minutes of a game, but also before and after. Sometimes people do it not because they want to cheer the teams on, but because they simply like it. If you want to cheer players on, why bring the vuvuzelas to a game, knowing players also won't like it?

And what about people living near stadiums and the football fields? I'm one of them, and I hear that deafening noise every day. It's a nightmare when it's the weekend or a holiday. It's akin to torture. In fact, the football field is right behind my house, and next to it is a construction site. Double the nightmare for me.

There are currently no regulations regarding the use of this particular instrument, and we often don't pay attention to it when it comes to punishing noise violations. I believe people should consider the vuvuzela an annoying tool that affects people's daily lives, just like those mobile loudspeakers on the street. I'm saying this because the noise they produce is too loud and affects people's health directly.

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