Why Chinese tourists no longer flock to Vietnam?

October 6, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
Why Chinese tourists no longer flock to Vietnam?
A group of Chinese tourists pose for photos at the Saigon Central Post Office, June 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Thanh Tung
As insiders lament the poor recovery of Vietnam's once biggest tourism market China, readers pointed to reasons the Southeast Asian country has failed to attract so many tourists, not only Chinese.

"In addition to being herded like cattle into soulless buffet canteens, maybe they are fed up walking with cars, trying to cross the road without risking their lives, or getting bullied across with horns blasting at them. Not to mention the trash again. On my own recent visit to HCMC I gave up counting the plastic trash floating on the river. It was awful to see. It's an indictment of the care the citizens, and the authorities have for their own backyard. I traveled by a Lien Hung minivan and I was in fear of my life as the driver sped around flashing his lights to bully other road users only to get 5 meters ahead. Never again, never."

"Why would you come here when Thailand's next door..."

"Look at what those destinations have to offer, especially for the Chinese who have a bit of cash to spend. People with money don't want 'cheap', as in poor infrastructure, poor quality, poor services, etc."

"Chinese tourists like any other tourists want value for the money spent. They don't necessarily look for luxury. Most Chinese tourists in Thailand end up in Pattaya or Phuket mid class hotels. We travel to Vietnam 2-3 times a year and we stay in Da Nang or HCMC or Hanoi, why? Lack of travel options, very limited train, bus services and not at the top quality. We like to go to Hue from Da Dang, overcrowded, dirty, smelly trains. Want to go to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang, limited services offering very short time in Ba Na Hills. The hospitality services (hotels) offer can compete with any South Asian country. More promotions needed to showcase the best of Vietnam."

"I am sure, tourists from other countries will state similar issues. I doubt, it's only the Chinese. Tours and destination planned are also a matter of fashion and hypes as well the economy. Tourism is a business. This means, a single rotten apple can infect a huge lot of the harvest, if it's not taken care properly and in a timely manner."

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