We love Vietnamese Tet traditions

January 30, 2022 | 05:00 pm PT
We love Vietnamese Tet traditions
A man releases a carp into a river in Hanoi, January 25, 2022. Carps are believed to carry Kitchen Gods to heaven to report on families' affairs at the end of a lunar new year. Photo by VnExpress
VnExpress International readers shared what they love about Tet, Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

"Be reunited with family."

"Return to home town and meeting family & relatives. Giving lucky money could be challenging, esp. if you have many relatives."
Aran Ath

"Vietnam has wonderful cultural stories which my wife and I certainly try to pass onto our children so the stories and traditions don't disappear. I love the tradition of "Kitchen Day" and the story of the god of the underworld, it’s a wonderful prelude to Tet."
Julian Day

"I think it's a really lovely tradition [rituals to send Kitchen Gods to heaven]."
Dede Day

"After suffering the pain, the loss during the pandemic, people now treasure this traditional holiday, treasure family union more than ever before. We understand more of the value of our lives, of love and interpersonal connection, especially among family members. Then, Tet is more special and meaningful this year."
Van Nguyen

"Tet means "thousands of years of culture and strong family values. Covid is no reason to disregard your wonderful traditions."

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