Turning HCMC's Can Gio into resort town is ambitious

May 23, 2023 | 12:10 am PT
Turning HCMC's Can Gio into resort town is ambitious
Can Gio District in HCMC is home to the first UNESCO mangrove biosphere reserve in Vietnam. Photo by VnExpress/Gia Minh
Instead of turning HCMC's coastal Can Gio District into a resort town, readers said, money should be used to finish ongoing projects and fix problems at other resort towns.

"Very ambitious project given current financial and population constraints. Like the metro, it will take 3-4 times longer so look to 2150 to complete."

"They should shelve this idea right now. Awful proposal. No international tourists will be attracted to this. Not to mention the dramatic ecological damage this sort of development would cause. The 100% focus should instead be cleaning up the existing beach resort destinations like Phu Quoc, which is a total mess with trash in the water."
Pascal Visage

"Not only is this going to displace generational families who have lived and worked there for centuries but it's going to destroy the mangroves and homes of countless species. We all know that the bulldozing will be done soon and then not a single brick will be laid for decades. Can we please, please finish the projects along the coast in Binh Thuan, Ba Ria-Vung Tau etc as well as inside HCMC like Thu Thiem before anything is done here? It's just not needed and blow anyone away. It's just going to create more pollution and a bigger rich/poor divide for sure."
Mr John

"The mangroves were able to revive after the war and Agent Orange thanks to an amazing replanting effort by authorities and volunteers, but they will not survive this nonsense development."

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