There is no way we will visit Hoi An for several days now

By Huu Nghi   April 5, 2023 | 08:38 pm PT
There is no way we will visit Hoi An for several days now
A woman rides past yellow walls in Hoi An ancient town, 2021. Photo by Do Anh Vu
In Hoi An, our family expects to enjoy banh mi for breakfast, coffee in the afternoon and night strolls under the lanterns. But if we have to buy tickets, we have to reconsider.

VnExpress readers weigh in on the decision by the Hoi An town administration to collect an entry fee from visitors from May 15.

"People already spend money on food and drinks and some services when visiting; now they need to pay for tickets. If a group of 10 people visits, tickets alone will cost over VND1 million ($42.64). I love Hoi An but will not return to the place if I have to purchase tickets."

"I think it is fine. There will be fewer visitors to Hoi An, and the town therefore be less crowded. How exactly will the people be supported, and how will the renovation of infrastructure in the town be done and how often? Because I and many other tourists have to pay from our pockets to contribute to this, wouldn't it make sense for us to know about all that?"
Nguyen Tuan

"Maintenance and renovation should be done by those who rent ancient houses for businesses, not tourists. Visitors already shop and buy things and generate revenues for [local] businesses. So there is no reason why they should shoulder the burden of renovation costs."
Kevin Phan

"This summer I planned to take my children to Hoi An so that they could learn about the culture and customs, but after hearing this news I have to reconsider. This is not about the money, but about how tourists are squeezed without remorse. It would be better if the tourism services are properly developed to make people happily pay for more. But in reality people have to pay fees and get hassled all the time."
Sen Hong

"If fees are collected, it should be done in a reasonable way regarding the tourists' behavior. Collecting VND80,000 per entry will force a tourist to spend their entire day at the place, visit as many places as they can before leaving. Shops and stores thus might only be able to serve that tourist on one day. On the contrary, consider what my family did. We recently went on a trip that was a few days long. We would go eat banh mi for breakfast, drink coffee in the afternoon and stroll at night under the lanterns. If we had to pay entry fees, every day our family [of three] would have had to pay VND240,000 for tickets, and a four-day trip would have meant VND1 million in ticket fees. That is horrendous. Of course it means there is no way we will visit Hoi An for several days now. That will also mean stores will sell less and hotels will have lower revenues."

"I live in Hoi An, and there are some coffee shops and restaurants I like to frequent in Old Town, but if it will cost my wife and I an extra $10 on top I can't see us going. I have no problem spending money in Old Town, I just don't want to pay for the privilege of doing so. They should make those tickets into gift vouchers. Charge $10, but make it (partially?) redeemable at shops and restaurants -- that'll get the busloads of tourists who just come to take pictures to actually buy stuff."

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