To foreign tourists, be brave and ask for food you do not know from home

By urbelpost   January 17, 2023 | 06:22 pm PT
To foreign tourists, be brave and ask for food you do not know from home
Foreign tourists try food and drinks at Ben Thanh Market in HCMC, 2020. Photo by VnExpress/Tam Linh
I stand by the fact that I am afflicted by prejudices of the West. But I have wonderful memories of my visit to Vietnam a few years ago.

The Vietnamese cuisine is a delight. It takes some getting used to, now many will probably smile or laugh, like the popular fish sauce in Vietnam, which is not known in Belgium and the rest of Europe, I think, except in selected Vietnamese restaurants.

With the chick embryo, or the worms, I would have scruples or the stupid western European disgust of the unknown. However, I am not entirely unworldly..., and I recognize I would be able to break through my world of thought and open myself to the previously foreign pleasure.

Unfortunately, I have visited Vietnam only once so far. It has enchanted me and I would like to go back again. The people, the culture, the country, the love... To eat a small octopus completely was one of many firsts for me, in interesting sauces that do not exist in our country. Thank you very much for the contribution.

To all readers who have not yet visited Vietnam, please, do not be stupid. Do not ask for the food you know from home. Be brave and there is only reward for it. I have never eaten such good, delicious and healthy food before in any vacation. I have even made local children happy while eating. They burst out laughing at me with chopsticks until the charming waitress pushed me very secretly a knife and fork under a napkin. Totally sweet. But I wanted to learn it and now I have also at home in Europe the chopsticks in the grip. Now I am a disappointment to Vietnamese kids, now I can eat with chopsticks.
I really hope to see Vietnam again.

To every non-Vietnamese, I recommend, be brave, ask for something to eat that you do not know yet. It will make you happy. If you ask for a cheeseburger I will beat you and laugh at you *joke*.

Joking aside, it's so good to get involved with the unknown. Take as much with you from Vietnam as you can, I don't mean it materially. Vietnam is dangerous. You can fall in love with the country and the people.
Greetings from Belgium.

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