Should women and housework always go together?

May 29, 2022 | 08:09 pm PT
Should women and housework always go together?
Illustration photo by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.
The idea of women ditching housework does not please everyone. Some call it "toxic feminism", others think men should help, and a few believe working women deserve to enjoy life.

"Western influence. New generation of Vietnamese woman have a goddess complex problem... Good luck to the young guys marrying them."
Jacque Montague Raymer

"Feel for these dudes who are stuck with deadbeat wives. Terrible role model for the kids. Time for husband to man up and set the lady straight."

"Men must fight against toxic feminism. Don't let it ruin society."

"It's one thing for an educated woman to refuse to be the house skivvy but quite another to flat out abscond from normal domestic obligations we all should share. A marriage sailing too close to the rocks there."
Wilson Muir

"Maybe those men could help around the house. I am an executive in a foreign company but when I am at home I wash clothing, vacuum the house, work in the garden to help my wife and she appreciate."

"I've a good Vietnamese wife. We both have our own business to care but we still do and keep the house clean together. We work hard and still enjoy the little happiness in life together at home or even outside. Everything comes to a mutual understanding. No matter how busy we may be, there's always time to clean, cook and play."
Vincent Lim

"If you have money - enjoy life. world is changing - so are times. Housewife working days over: washing machine, microwave, vacuum cleaner, blender mixer, juicer... make live much easier and now home delivery food. Why women need to work at home like a maid. Enjoy life if you can."

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