Should we be scared of rising Covid cases after Tet crowds?

February 8, 2022 | 07:48 pm PT
Should we be scared of rising Covid cases after Tet crowds?
Da Lat's night market is crowded with tourists during the Tet holiday, February 4, 2022. Photo by Dinh Dinh
There have been mixed feelings about reports of increasing Covid cases following Vietnam's biggest holiday Tet.

"Covid came back to work after Tet holiday. Numbers are rising."
Vance ST

"Covid did not have a Tet holiday. It just kept on going. So unfortunately for all those who threw caution to the wind on an excuse that the harsh lockdowns deserve a relaxing celebration will need to suffer now. As next year same time same date many will celebrate more than tet. Death anniversaries during festivities just rub it in so much deeper."

"Tet is one big super spreader event!"

"I wouldn't worry about it. As long as it's not a strain on hospitals, I don't see why we should carry on as normal. In fact, having had 2 jabs, I am welcome to Omicron. Give me that sweet natural infection on top of my vaccine protection."

"Covid is going to stay forever and there will be infections - but if most of the infected people do not even notice they got infected and all the others are recovered after a few days, no one should be worried. In Europe we have thousands of infections daily and the health system is still fine. Most of the people I know that got infected did not even notice they were. Covid lost its fear due to vaccination and that's good. We should not be afraid of it anymore."

"The biggest thing to prepare is a mental shift required to understand and accept that Covid is never going away and to treat it like we do most every other communicable disease. Ultimately that means no more daily publications of positive case counts, no apps tracking your movement and no requirements for vaccines. The vaccine point is made not because of anti-vaccination but because the world literally cannot give boosters every 4 months to every person. It is not economically or logistically feasible nor is it necessary."
Chris Roberts

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