Should people raise pets in apartments?

By Le Pham   October 25, 2022 | 04:28 pm PT
Should people raise pets in apartments?
A man visits his golden retriever at a dog training center. Photo by VnExpress/Nguyen Ngoan
VnExpress readers weigh in on whether raising dogs and cats in apartment complexes is an issue.

"I'm both a dog and cat lover, and I'm also good at raising them. Since I was young, I grew up with these animals, but it was in the countryside. When it comes to apartments, I agree that dog and cat ownership should be banned.

First, apartments are not an ideal place to keep dogs and cats. Pets and humans' living spaces should always be clearly separated. You might think it is okay if you can confine your pets to a cage, but doing so also means curbing their natural instincts; it is cruel to them. I have seen people castrate their pets so that they would not go out seeking a mate or have babies, but what about enjoying nature and hanging out with their peers? These will be a casualty as well if you choose to keep your pets confined in apartments.

Secondly, an apartment block has many occupants, and the interests of the majority have to be safeguarded. Just because some people want pets does not mean apartments need to have separate lifts for people who don't want them. Pets are not always hygienic. It is part of their nature to urinate everywhere to mark their territory and to scratch surfaces. That will certainly bother a lot of people.

And finally, humans' interests need to be placed above all, and the interest of a group should be of foremost importance. It is like singing karaoke: no one prevents you from singing at home, but please don't force others to hear you scream.

Pet owners should look for apartments with proper conditions to raise pets, not those who don't welcome them."
Commenter: Lao su phu

"Everyone needs to abide by the law, and you can't just do whatever you want. The majority may want to ban dog and cat ownership, but that won't mean a thing if it's against the law. There are already regulations for raising cattle and poultry, and because dogs and cats are neither, people can raise them however they want. But pet owners must abide by common rules like registration, regular vaccination, muzzling in public spaces, and not polluting the environment. If they can satisfy all that, no one will bat an eyelid if they own pets."
Commenter: Dawm

"As someone who raises both dogs and cats in an apartment, I am proud to say I've not received any complaints from my neighbors about my love for animals. Neighbors' children often come over to play with my pets. Life is peaceful.

Of course, I don't attribute everything to luck. I think of my pets as my own children: you need to be responsible for them. My dogs are always allowed to run with me for 30 minutes or an hour every day. I always bring stuff to pick my pets' poop should they decide to do it outside. My cats often remain at home and are quiet most of the time.

I don't support a ban on pet ownership in apartments, but I do believe there need to be clear regulations. Instead of a ban, the community should be educated on how to be a responsible pet owner, like a code of conduct of sorts. If all pet owners are civilized, people will probably not hate dogs and cats as much as they do now.

Raising dogs and cats right will also help resolve the issue of feral, unvaccinated animals roaming in the community. Pet ownership should not be banned. I love pets as much as I love humans, and just because we cannot give a dog or a cat a home, we should not judge other people for giving them one."
Commenter: Sooillee

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