Pit bulls are born to fight, no matter how you train them

By Joonho   May 28, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
Pit bulls are born to fight, no matter how you train them
A 44kg pit bull breed cross impounded after biting a newborn child to death in San Diego in 2016. Photo by County of San Diego/via Reuters
As someone who has been raising dogs since a little kid, I really love dogs. But I really hate the idea of someone keeping a pit bull at home.

Reading recent heartbreaking stories of dog attacks in Vietnam – a pit bull biting its owner to death and a German shepherd biting its owner’s 3-year-old child – I feel stronger than ever that now matter how a person tries to train their dog, the dog’s breed is the most important factor in guaranteeing safety for people around it.

I don’t see any good reason for anyone to keep an aggressive pit bull at home.

There are two kinds of people who raise pit bulls: the first are people who know little about dogs, start with a cute puppy and are not able to train it when it grows up, but reluctant to give it up. The second kind just likes to show off.

Pit bulls were bred for fighting, much like some roosters are trained for cock fighting or bulls for bull fighting.

Of course, there's a risk of attack from any dog, even a small placid one. However, when a 10-kg dog which is generally calm attacks you, you still have a chance to avoid the biting and fight back.

But when you are attacked by a 60-kg pit pull, which is strong, aggressive, and never gives up on its prey, you have little chance. The outcome is disastrous.

Pit bull attacks on human have not only been heard of in Vietnam. Many similar cases have been reported worldwide.

Try digging a bit and you can find many stories of people who raised a pit bull from a puppy, trained it properly, but were still attacked by it. The explanation is simple, the dog is unpredictable and easily agitated.

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