Phone addictions destroy natural sleep patterns

By The Linh   May 11, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
Phone addictions destroy natural sleep patterns
A person uses the phone in the dark. Photo by Pixabay
My colleague goes to bed at 10:30 p.m., but she only falls asleep once her phone is out of batteries several hours later.

She always seems worn out with black rings around her eyes because she spends every night using her phone until 2 a.m.

It’s thanks to TikTok, which pulls users into endless loops of reels.

"I finish one video and another more interesting one comes up," said my colleague.

Another friend of mine couldn’t sleep during a visit to the countryside because her relative’s house did not have wifi and the 4G signals in the area were not strong enough to load Facebook or TikTok videos.

"Without those sounds, I can’t sleep," she said.

I myself once used the phone a lot at bedtime. My eyes were glued at the screen until I was too sleepy. The moment I woke up, I would rush to find my phone to see what had happened while I was sleeping.

Using a phone like that seriously disturbed my sleep and my health.

One day I decided to break the habit. I left my phone on my desk, far from my bed. Since then, I have slept earlier, waken up earlier and gotten better sleep. I no longer feel so tired during the day.

My friend also managed to break the habit in her own way. She joined a meditation course that did not allow participants to use their phones for a week. She came back from it to regular good night’s sleep.

Many young people do not care about the importance of sleep yet. They spend hours at night looking at the phone, then they wake up exhausted and cannot focus at work or school. It’s even worse on the weekends, when they watch the phone the whole night and only wake up for lunch.

I hope somewhere along the line, they’ll learn to break the habit, like I and my friend did, and stop destroying their natural sleep patterns.

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