Parents need to stop checking their child's classroom camera every 30 minutes

By An The    November 22, 2023 | 03:45 pm PT
Parents need to stop checking their child's classroom camera every 30 minutes
Toddlers at a kindergarten are seen in camera footage provided by a parent.
Everytime we meet, my young mother friends turn on the camera app on their cell phones every now and then to see how the teachers are teaching their children.

I feel very worried and sorry for the teachers.

Their children are in kindergartens and they are urged to constantly check the camera application to see what their children are doing at school, what the teacher is teaching today, if the teacher has fed their kids yet, and whether they have taken a nap or not.

We have a group chat and these mothers even screenshot their camera footage and share the images to discuss everything about their kids and their kindergartens.

They take a break from office hours every 30-40 minutes to check the camera app, for peace of mind.

I understand that some daycare centers and preschools install cameras in the classroom so that parents can monitor and feel secure about sending their children there. This came after many cases of preschool teachers abusing children, or children beating each other.

But many parents take it too far. They look at the camera to see the teachers make a small mistake and then call the teachers immediately to complain.

Don't mistake monitoring for nitpicking the little things. Installing cameras in preschool and kindergarten classrooms is a good thing, to prevent cases of child abuse and to find out where the wounds or red marks on your child's body come from, then find the appropriate treatment. But you can't stay there and watch the camera all day. It's not worth making all teachers worry and feel uncomfortable doing their job.

Imagine, if your workplace had a camera installed by the boss who looked at you every day. No matter where you are, your boss can monitor what you do, and whether you're working or taking a break. Could you stand it?

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