No tourist is going to travel to Vietnam to take 4 Covid tests

March 3, 2022 | 12:14 am PT
No tourist is going to travel to Vietnam to take 4 Covid tests
Tourists arrive from overseas in Khanh Hoa Province which is home to Nha Trang beach town in November 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Xuan Ngoc
Foreigners objected to a Health Ministry's proposal that tourists present negative PCR test result upon arrival and take up to three more tests during three days of self quarantine.

"That's not going to help revive tourism! And won't in any way help control the massive levels of covid already in Vietnam."
Lisa Milligan

"Vietnam is going to isolate itself from the tourism market. No tourist is going to travel to Vietnam to take FOUR (!!!) Covid tests. Sri Lanka dropped the testing requirement yesterday completely. I really think that Vietnam does not want to have tourists. Just go on with these restrictions - I canceled my vacation in Vietnam today and booked Thailand instead. This is so completely out of this world, it is unbelievable. By the way - if there are 100,000 new infections daily without any tourists, do they really think testing tourists EACH DAY is going to change anything? What are they thinking?"

"No one will come with these rules. Thailand already tried a less strict version of this and it didn't work, which is why Thailand only requires a PCR test on the first day now. Fewer than 1 percent of tourists to Thailand tested positive. Even if you had 100,000 tourists arriving every day, that would be less than 1,000 positive cases, which is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to hundreds of thousands of local cases."

"Vietnam has recorded 110,000 new cases today. Tourists from foreign countries that are not seeing these kinds of daily cases from larger countries are now going to be required to quarantine for three days. To enter a country that the omicron virus is exploding. There is still absolutely no guidance for tourist visas for March 15 and beyond. Unfortunately, I had planned my vacation to Vietnam way too early figuring that I would be able to get a tourist Visa in time for my March 31 flight. Apparently, I may have to cancel my trip."
Wayne Crozier

"All I have to do now is cancel my plane ticket. Half the stay in solitary confinement in a hotel, no thanks. I literally feel scammed. Honestly... if the regulations change every week let us know when the country is actually open. And it is still unclear how to pass the Covid test once at the hotel, or which hotel plans to accommodate tourists who must pass this test. How to make it more complicated and off-putting?"
Baptoine J

"Unless you NEED to come to Vietnam simply go to other destinations that have more user-friendly arrival procedures. It's a holiday remember... not an ordeal of tests, lockups and hurdle jumping. The definite vibe on all travel forums, blogs & FB sites is to follow the path of least resistance. Thailand is realizing this and now Bali has finally figured it out."

"1. Tourists will accept no more than one day of testing. This would kill the whole plan.
2. WHAT ON EARTH is the point of avoiding a few imported cases when Omicron is already raging massively through a country of nearly 100 million?"

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