Ngoc Trinh's arrest should remind celebs of their responsibility

By Vu Thi Minh Huyen   October 24, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
Ngoc Trinh's arrest should remind celebs of their responsibility
Model Ngoc Trinh listens as a police officer reads a statement to announce her detention in HCMC, October 19, 2023. Photo by police
The recent arrest of Ngoc Trinh for her daredevil motorbike performances surprised many, and probably the model herself.

Trinh and many people might see her dangerous rides as just an act to draw attention for fun, but under the law, it means much more.

Trinh's risky behavior further confirmed my perception about celebrities in Vietnam, and how many of them have got famous through scandals rather than contributions to their artistic fields.

Famous people influence thousands, if not millions of people. So, they should receive punishment strong enough to deter them from scandalous actions that others might follow.

Trinh was arrested after videos were shared online of her riding powerful motorbikes and performing haphazard acts on roads in HCMC, despite not having a license for driving such vehicles.

She performed acts like lying and kneeling on the motorbike, sitting on one side of the vehicle or letting both hands off the handle.

Investigation found she posted five such videos on her TikTok channel which has 6.8 million followers. The posts received more than 478,000 likes, 4,881 comments and 5,787 shares.

The videos on one of her Facebook pages, which has more than three million followers, attracted 5,900 interactions and 438 comments. Another Facebook page with 5.9 million followers received 2.7 million likes for a video of her getting a leg injury from one ride.

Her acts are harmful, and they accidentally vouched for young people doing the same dangerous thing, which endangers not only the drivers but also other travelers on the streets.

Famous people can set a trend for the large public, whether they plan to or not. We must turn on our social media filter to recognize what we should follow and what not.

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