My friend's boss threatens to fire him for not responding to text messages at 11 pm

By Thien Ly   May 11, 2024 | 04:00 am PT
Some bosses give themselves the power to contact employees anytime they want and expect immediate responses every time.

The other day I met a friend who looked listless. He asked about a phone with long battery life and fast charging.

I asked why and he said that he had to respond to work messages and emails at any time, when his boss messaged him. He said that sometimes he wished to be working the 8-hour shift manual job that might be tiring, but after work, he can be free and return to his life and his family.

He said that every time he made a careful, neat report and submitted it to his boss, he didn't forget to say "If you have any questions, please text me right away." But almost always he would receive questions from the boss about the report after 9 at night.

One time, gaining courage from some shared posts about not responding to work messages after office hours, my friend set his phone to be silent at bedtime. It's really unlucky when his boss texted him to ask about some projects at 11 p.m.

The phone did not notify him, and my friend slept peacefully. The next morning when he turned on his phone, he saw a flood of messages from his boss. The boss thought my friend didn't want to see the message so he got angry and threatened to fire him.

My friend actually wants to quit his job. But I have advised him that many companies now operate the same way. If you apply for a boss position, you can have the right not to text or respond to employees after work. As an employee, no one dares to reply to the boss's message.

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