My child switched between 6 jobs in 5 years, and that did not make her a bad employee

By Tieu Nho   April 19, 2023 | 08:26 am PT
If young people switch jobs so often, we need to ask if their employers have tried to keep them.

People of past generations would not consider it a good thing to switch jobs, but young people these days do that very often.

They think that as they're still young, why not move around to acquire more experience. They would not settle for a place they think not good enough.

I do not entirely support this, as some companies would have spent time and money training a new employee, only for that person to quit after a short while.

However, switching jobs is justifiable as everyone has the right to look for a better income, a better working environment, especially when quite a few businesses tend to belittle newcomers and automatically pay them dirt cheap salaries.

My daughter graduated from university five years ago, and has switched between six companies, from the smallest to the largest in the IT sector here, and from the lowest to a desirable salary for her position.

Her first company paid her little and did not provide any training. It would drain workers without investing in them, until they're too tired and quit. Then it would just recruit new people and repeat the cycle.

But my daughter left her previous companies not always because of the salary. Sometimes it was because the job came with too much pressure, or a stressful relationship with her superiors.

Recruiting people is one thing, building an environment to keep them stay and contribute to the company is another.

While we question young people about them switching jobs, we should also ask companies if they have done enough to inspire commitment.

I believe that everyone wants to find a long-term job. An employee who feels cared for and respected by their company would not care about other offers, even if they pay more.

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