Managing family's finance is a matter of trust, not power

August 23, 2022 | 08:35 pm PT
The idea of wives controlling most of the family's money does not work for everyone.

"This worked for me. Previously had relationships that our money were separate. Trust issues with that money caused many arguments, leading to break-ups. Now salaries 80% (wife) and 20% for me (own expenses like above). Simple math but it makes for humble and happy life."

"The whole argument and discussion seems a bit mad to me. Joint bank accounts are normal elsewhere creating a cooperative environment but here it has to be a power struggle, one is above the other, another thing that needs sorting out here really."
Mr John

"It's all about trust.. it doesn't really matter who manages the finances.."

"What a load of spin! Why is it that women do not control all the world money brokers or purchasing departments. Seems like a lot of guys here just don't like responsibility."

"I'm sure when people got married they made their vows to share everything, Life in a relationship is not a one way street. We are living in the 21st century...."

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