It's time to go back to normal

February 2, 2022 | 07:45 pm PT
It's time to go back to normal
Two women take selfies on Nguyen Hue Tet flower street in HCMC on January 29, 2022. Photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
Foreigners are urging Vietnam, with its high vaccination rate, to quickly scrap all pandemic restrictions to revive international travel.

"Vietnam should open right now to vaccinated tourists, completely re-open with pre-Covid conditions."

"International tourism will only really resume if there are no restrictions in place. Nothing more to add."
Ot Ze

"Ditch ALL requirements save a tourist visa and get on with it already."

"$50k health insurance covering Covid... Most foreigners will skip Vietnam over that. No other country has that requirement."
Jacque Montague Raymer

"Traveled back to Vietnam for 20 years every year and stayed there a month at a time and love it but we won't be going back until the quarantines and mask mandates are over, plus having to travel for over 17 hours wearing a mask would be suffocating. It's unnecessary and would be intolerable. We'll just travel here in the U.S. and hope that one day Vietnam will be totally open."

"The vaccines are very successful controlling serious illness for most people. They are the only real long term solution and since Vietnam will be fully vaccinated soon with very few anti vaxxers, its time to go back to normal. Or would you prefer for the borders to be closed permanently since Covid is not going away?"

"Covid is not going anywhere, it's gonna stay forever and the world needs to live with it. There not much more to come after vaccinations and everyone will be infected in the next month. If you think it is only possible to travel once the disease is "under control" (what does that even mean, most of the countries nearly completed their vaccinations) you will never travel again."

"Please remove the bottleneck on visas and quarantine issues. Also, an official announcement to resume tourism should be made now for travel companies and tourists to acknowledge so that they have sufficient time to prepare. The reopening date is set for some time in March, which is ideal."

"The opening of the borders should happen asap. The beginning of March would be the right time to allow all types of visas again for fully vaccinated travelers. Vaccinated foreigners are no more infectious than vaccinated natives."

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