It’s irresponsible to spend $600,000 studying overseas just for the experience

By Tri Minh   March 15, 2024 | 03:18 pm PT
It’s irresponsible to spend $600,000 studying overseas just for the experience
Students attend an education fair held in Hanoi in 2019 to look at options for studying abroad. Photo by IDP Education Vietnam
Many families invest up to VND15 billion (US$606,700) to send their children overseas for education, only to find them struggling to secure employment upon their return.

Vietnam leads Southeast Asian countries in the number of students studying abroad, as reported by the 2024 Key Trends in Southeast Asia study from Acumen, an international education consultancy. Despite this, an increasing number of these students face challenges finding work and readjusting to life in Vietnam after their studies.

While some argue that the experience gained from studying abroad is invaluable and will pay off eventually, I contest this viewpoint. Viewing overseas education as an investment, the primary objective should be to obtain returns that justify the initial outlay. If the costs of education cannot be recuperated through subsequent earnings, then the endeavor could be considered a failed investment.

If it’s just for the experience, you can spend much less as a tourist.

Simply put, if the pursuit of overseas education valued at VND15 billion does not lead to commensurate or higher earnings post-graduation, it reflects a disregard for one's own and one's family's financial well-being. At a minimum, individuals should aim to earn enough to afford the same quality of education for their offspring, ensuring the cycle of investment yields tangible benefits.

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