iPhone fan or consumption slave?

September 18, 2022 | 10:59 pm PT
iPhone fan or consumption slave?
Vietnamese people queue up to buy iPhone 14 on Orchard Road, Singapore, on September 15, 2022. Photo by VnExpress/Luu Quy
Readers threw disapproval and sarcasm at images of Vietnamese flying to Thailand, Singapore to wait in line for iPhone 14.

"Crazes never end in Vietnam & they will keep chasing blindly for things that is not important in their life & always overlook/neglect/ involve their near & dear ones with mishap/losses/debt in their endeavor. Nothing is so prestigious/glamorous/assume & look good to others in life & what's the point of showing??? Eventually the show will end & with full of debts to settle!!!"

"The power of advertisement and psychology."

"Slave to consumer fashion ... awaking to the world will cost them dearly."

"Not much different than those queuing all night for a new movie release or running and fighting like fools at the mall for Black Friday..."
Deymon Reddington

"Let's hold a memorial service for all of those who couldn't get their hands on the newest iPhone. The greatest tragedy of the 21st century. A candlelight vigil will be held soon, let's all go and pay our respects."

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