I refuse to drink alcohol during Tet visits and everyone looks at me like I'm a weirdo

January 24, 2023 | 11:09 pm PT
Bing drinking, which is common during the Lunar New Year holiday, is not culture and does not prove one as a "stronger man," according to readers.

"After living in Vietnam for nine years, I don't understand why my Vietnamese wife doesn't know how to say 'No' when she starts drinking with friends. Being a foreigner, I don't like to drink 'till there's no tomorrow. When it comes to drinking, I don't care whether people say 'respecting their culture is to drink'. Enough is enough."

"I refuse to drink any alcohol during Tet visits of family because I am driving my car.. and everyone in family looks at me like I am a weirdo. In last 2 days I have seen so many crazy motorbike driver in Hanoi, especially the young one zipping at high speed between cars it is crazy and no police anywhere to be seen.. better stay home safe."

"The true 'stronger man' will say NO to alcohol abuse and yes to life. He will save his health, money, and relationship. Set a solid example for his children and others. With his good health, money in the pocket along with a strong family he can retire early, have a beautiful house & garden, travel and enjoy a longer life."

"Unfortunately Tet is not the only opportunity for "binge drinking" and there are countless other examples: weddings, family ceremonies, business parties etc... too many men [are] taking any opportunity to drink too much alcohol. I never refuse to drink with others, but my glass is filled with fruit juice, water, soda, etc and they can't say I disrespect them.. alcohol has nothing to do with respect. True respect is to accept that someone has a choice, to drink or not to drink, alcohol or no alcohol."

"If you are strong in your mind, no need alcohol. Moreover you can refuse drinking. If not you are just a weak person and that is it. And if someone criticize you because you don't drink, it is time to change friends and delete those people. End of story."

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