I have never seen such disregard for traffic laws like in Vietnam

August 28, 2022 | 09:04 pm PT
I have never seen such disregard for traffic laws like in Vietnam
A woman is stopped by a traffic police officer for driving in the wrong direction in Hanoi, August 2022. Photo by VnExpress/Huy Manh
Readers believe drivers' attitude is the root cause of rampant traffic accidents in Vietnam and the country needs much stricter law enforcement to fix that.

"It's all about me-attitude on the roads. Just like new car drivers that enter from side roads like they are on a motorcycle. I have been driving in many countries around the world for 60 years and have never seen such disregard for traffic laws like Vietnam. The police MUST show more presence on our roads and have a much more severe penalty for people that drive with no regard for the traffic laws."

"I've lived and worked in many developing countries. All follow one main rule: whomever has his wheel in front, even if only by a fraction, thinks he can have right of way. He thinks he can cross directly from the extreme right and turn left, or shoot straight out into a main street from a side road without even looking to the left to see if anything is coming. Has anyone ever seen a Vietnam person on a motorbike EVER turn his head to look to see if anything is coming?"
Zip Zagger

"Most of the accidents were due to people speeding and not slowing down before the intersection. What is the law regarding who has the right of way, the bigger the vehicle is the law. Green means go, yellow means go and red means go."
Bruce Godwin

"No need for traffic lights at all if people were observing the law and traffic code. But they don't. Put in a traffic light and the exact same idiots will run the red lights. While being drunk and talking on the phone, transporting the entire family and without lights after dark."

"Traffic lights, no use at all. Unless the government installs cameras that actually work. And people who flout and ignore the traffic lights get an immediate heavy fine, if not paid within 7 days double the fine. if still not paid, confiscate the offenders vehicle. They will soon learn the rules."

"No attention span, no concentration on driving, no traffic education as children, drunk or talking on the phone while driving, me-first attitude, what do you expect?"

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