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Gov't should provide people with 'possibilities' to save for future

August 17, 2022 | 11:15 pm PT
Gov't should provide people with 'possibilities' to save for future
Elderly people have their health checked at a hospital in HCMC, July 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Ha An
Nine million seniors in Vietnam struggle without pensions or savings, and readers called for effective government's support schemes to fix that.

"It's good to live cheaply, but it is NOT GOOD when it's living with the knife on the throat without any form of social security. It is the government's responsibility to at least provide the people with 'possibilities' to save for the future, be it with an official pension plan or with other schemes that are supported by the government. Living from the stash under the mattress is not always a good solution. And it doesn't look good on a country."

"They should educate people to save for retirement from a young age and not to depend on their future children or partner. In Vietnam many people have children even though they are poor and they want those children to take care of them when they get old. That is totally selfish."

"One of reasons is that Vietnam parents support and cover their children too much, even when their children get married, so they don't have left much for saving. Same to my grandmother, she has been given a lot by us but always gives back to grandchild. Finally, they have no money for health expenses."

Vietnam has a relatively young work force. In a few decades' time, the aged population will increase. The government will face more serious problems. They should start planning on how to improve the lives of its people to cope in the future. The present situation has to be solved. Another important task is to improve the quality of its education to equip the young ones to prepare for the challenges ahead. Vietnam has to move up the quality chain, it can't be what it is today.

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