Does your boss yelling at you count as workplace harassment?

By Tan Loc   March 15, 2023 | 05:00 pm PT
Does your boss yelling at you count as workplace harassment?
A man yells. Illustration photo by Pexels
Many of my acquaintances have nightmares about their bosses yelling at them at work. That seems to be a common issue for many workers.

One of my siblings said he has been facing pressure at his work for months, so severe that it affects his physical and mental health. It is not the work itself, but the fact that every day, his boss yells at him, embarrasses him and threatens to fire him, all in public.

Another acquaintance was humiliated by his boss to the point that he lost sleep at night. The man took over the workload of a former employee, but this particular employee had already done some questionable things before quitting. Ever since, my acquaintance has always been harassed by his higher-ups, who let their attitude be known and who hurt his self-esteem every chance they get. After three months, my acquaintance decided to quit. At least he seemed to be doing much better when I met him for a coffee a few days ago.

I understand their feelings. I too have been a victim of this abuse at work. There are some who hurl expletives at you, while others opt for more sarcastic remarks. Still, their words all hurt the same.

I believe this is a common thing in many workplaces, but not all workers have the means to just walk away. I do not think we should tolerate this harassment all the time, and there should be a code of conduct against such intimindating boss behaviors.

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