22 million tourists for Vietnam in 2026 is pie in the sky

August 27, 2022 | 10:38 pm PT
22 million tourists for Vietnam in 2026 is pie in the sky
Foreign tourists in Nha Trang beach town in central Vietnam, August 27, 2022. Photo by VnExpress
British market research company Fitch Solutions predicted that Vietnam’s tourism will grow by 25 percent and 22 million foreign visitors in 2026, but many readers are not convinced.

"I don't think they have factored in the energy crunch on western household budgets --- foreign holidays are the first thing that gets ditched. Russia's economy is shrinking and did China announce they're letting their citizens roam again?

26 million is so far off a sensible figure but people will always believe what they want to hear --- l hope nobody in the gov't paid them for this nonsense."
Wilson Muir

"Good luck with the numbers. Maybe this time the prediction will be more accurate than the last one."
Zoran Drljaca

"Are we really discussion about the next 4 years? I'll save this article somewhere and bring it back at the end of 2026."

"Pie in the sky... another good looking number but no policy to achieve it, the same thing we see for all those infrastructure projects cost and date of completion."

"Should fix things that need fixing now.... Why so worry about what someone says about 4 years from now."

"If Vietnam wants more tourists it will need to upgrade its courtesy, lengthen its visa duration stay and clean up the garbage dump that Vietnam has become now."

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