Popular tourist island off Taiwan collapses after severe earthquake

By Phuong Anh   April 3, 2024 | 12:25 am PT
The massive cliff at the head of turtle-shaped Guishan Island, a popular tourist attraction in Taiwan, has collapsed and slid into sea following Wednesday's earthquake, the strongest in 25 years.

A small part of Guishan Island, known as Turtle Island due to its shape, was damaged and collapsed into the sea following the earthquake, according to Taiwanese television station TVBS.

Large rocks fell into the sea. At that time, there were no tourists or boats passing nearby, so there were no casualties, Taiwanese site Creaders reported.

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake has killed at least seven people and injured dozens of others, Reuters reported.

A video shared on X account of Insider Paper shows a large cliff at the top of Turtle Island collapsing after an earthquake on April 3, 2024.

Turtle Island is 10 km east of Toucheng town and is the largest island in Yilan County, northeastern Taiwan.

The island is also the only active volcano in Taiwan and the only inhabited island in Yilan.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Taiwan with whale watching tours usually taking place from April to October.

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Turtle Island is seen from above when it is not yet damaged by the earthquake on April 3, 2024. Photo courtesy of Taiwan Tourism Bureau

The island is only open to visitors from March to November with the number of visitors limited to 100 a day to protect the natural environment.

Visitors to the island need to register in advance. The most popular means of getting to the island is by ferry, departing from Wushi port.

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