Da Cong Stream, a nature lover's retreat near Hanoi

By Dao Tram   August 13, 2023 | 03:30 am PT
Situated a two-hour drive from Hanoi and still untouched by tourism, Da Cong Stream lures visitors in search of relief from the heat, or those wanting a weekend picnic.

Thai Nguyen Province has lush green tea hills and a network of untamed streams meandering through its mountains. Among the natural wonders, Da Cong Stream stands out, originating from a waterfall nestled on the eastern slope of the Tam Dao mountain range, a rugged terrain in the northeast.

It is situated approximately 80 kilometers from Hanoi in Quan Chu Commune.

In contrast to the bustling western tourist spots, the eastern flank remains tranquil and pristine adorned with vast primeval forest and foamy waterfalls.

Alongside the hillside, near the stream's base, visitors find a cluster of houses inhabited by a few indigenous Dao people.

Suối Đá Cổng mang vẻ đẹp hoang sơ.

Da Cong Stream has a rustic beauty. Photo by VnExpress/Dao Tram

Access to Da Cong Stream is easy and convenient, situated near the forest's edge along the route to Ngao Waterfall.

However, visitors must be cautious of the rough, mossy, and rocky terrain, which can become slippery. To navigate these natural obstacles safely, locals recommend wearing high-grip footwear.

Thuy Linh, a tourist from Hanoi, said, "My friends and I embarked on a two-hour motorbike journey to reach Da Cong Stream. Thankfully, the weather was a mix of sunshine and clouds. Along the way, we were captivated by the landscapes. It felt like entering a fairyland."

As the sun ascends, the spring water reveals its blue hue, making it an ideal spot for a refreshing summer bath. The stream features two areas with depths of about 4-5 meters, attracting many visitors who wish to cool off or enjoy water-based activities.

Visitors can submerge themselves in the cool water. Photo by VnExpress/Dao Tram

Visitors can submerge themselves in the cool water of Da Cong Stream. Photo by VnExpress/Dao Tram

Da Cong Stream remains untouched by tourism, resulting in limited entertainment services. To make the most of their visit, visitors should come prepared with the necessary items. Thuy Linh’s group borrowed standup paddle boards and life jackets from the locals to explore the water’s depths.

Thuy Linh said, "When I arrived, I simply wanted to embrace nature, take a refreshing dip, and capture photographs. Little did I expect to encounter such friendly locals. They lent me stand-up paddle boards to explore. The children even warned us about the deep waters. It was full of surprises and fascinating moments."

Thùy Linh và nhóm bạn chèo SUP trên suối.

Thuy Linh and a friend experience paddleboarding in Da Cong Stream. Photo by VnExpress/Dao Tram

Visitors can bring their own tents, chairs and food for a picnic and outdoor dining experience. For those seeking more adventure, a visit to the nearby Ngao Waterfall can be combined with their trip. Thos who do not want to carry camping gear can rent a fully equipped camp at a retreat just a few hundred meters away.

To reach Da Cong Stream from Hanoi, travelers can follow the Hanoi - Thai Nguyen Highway, leading to Pho Yen City before turning left onto Route 261 towards Dai Tu Commune.

They can also opt for Vinh Phuc Road, passing through the Dai Lai Lake before arriving in Thai Nguyen City and heading towards Quan Chu in Dai Tu District.

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