Travelers, is Vietnam worth coming back for more?

By Editorial   September 4, 2017 | 11:24 pm PT
Tell us about your Vietnam experience and whether you want to return.

After a week-long debate on whether cable cars are the answer to tourism development in Vietnam's cave kingdom, one can't help but return to an age-old question.

On one hand, Vietnam has been enjoying rapid growth in foreign visitor numbers. The government plans to welcome 11.5 million this year, up 15 percent from 2016

The country also continues to top global rankings, be it  Yet, while many flock to Vietnam, only a tiny number return. Though Vietnamese tourism officials claim the figure to be around a third, industry experts say less than 10 percent of international arrivals are repeat visitors, compared to 60-70 percent in Thailand.

Common reasons include an unfriendly visa policy, dizzying development, the cons of being too popular, bad service or simply trash.

The numbers and experts have had their say, and now we want to hear your side of the story.

What prompted you to visit Vietnam?

Is Vietnam worth another visit?

What makes you (not) want to come back?

What would make you come back for more?

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