Vietnam should open borders now before it's too late

December 6, 2021 | 08:40 pm PT
The Omicron variant could throw a wrench in Vietnam's plan to resume international flights, but some believe more delays will make it almost impossible for travel industries to recover.

"If the government wants to keep social welfare from being ruined due to the fact that the number of unemployed people is increasing day by day, please allow the airspace to be opened for business, investors and tour without a quarantine mandate."

"Forget about the 3 phase. No companies can survive till then if the government is not providing financial support to those in the aviation, hotel & tourist industries. Vietnam will lose out to its SE Asian neighbors in terms of attracting investors & tourists. Go for the VTL (Vaccinated Travel Lane) program."
Jay Jay

"The tourism economy in Vietnam urgently needs the international tourists who bring a lot of money into the country. Fully vaccinated people who have also received an additional booster vaccination, who bring a current PCR test with them on arrival and good health insurance are no risk. When there are finally visas for longer stays again, then for reasons of absolute security quarantine for several days in a hotel or resort may also be required. But the decision has to be made now."

"Quarantine will make tourists go to other places for holiday and it will badly affect airlines, hotels, businessmen and local livelihood. Let me give a very good example about Singapore opening border under VTL️, Singapore Airlines quarter loss already went down. Thai Airways also has seen the loss go down. Tourists start to come in for holidays or business trips. Vietnam has been keeping talking the same things for months. Don't forget new virus may force many countries to lock down again."
Aron Tan

"Just 978 visitors with charter flights - tour package and restricted hotels in November. While Thailand with commercial flights and open visa policy in 11 days: 28,021 visitors - Now Thailand much less Covid cases than Vietnam. No foreigner tourist wants to come with 7 days quarantine - restricted tour packages - designated hotels - $50,000 medical insurance. JUST TOO Many restrictions. Please understand Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia - USA and Europe all are open for trave without restrictions - Tourist have too many options. Until Vietnam opens up with commercial flights - open visa and no restrictions - their will be very few tourists willing to go through these restrictions to visit Vietnam."

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