Vietnam should follow Singapore in punishing vandalism

May 21, 2024 | 04:00 pm PT
Vietnam should follow Singapore in punishing vandalism
A still from a video taken by a ride-hailing service driver shows a group of foreigners drawing on public properties on Le Loi Street, HCMC, May 3, 2024.
Readers called for strict punishment against foreigners who were caught in a video drawing graffiti on storefronts in downtown Ho Chi Minh City earlier this month.

"Graffiti was barely seen ten years ago. Now, it is widespread throughout the country, with many tourist area's monuments also being defaced with people carving their names in rocks, etc. The government is providing more parks and landscaped areas for the public to enjoy not to be ruined by imbeciles spoiling it for the public to enjoy. See how these imbeciles would like it if it was theirs, or their parents' house had so-called art sprayed all over it. They should have done it during daylight hours for people to see and appreciate their talents."

"Lately graffiti has become a plague that is really ugly. I hope perpetrators are dealt with swiftly. If you're a foreigner that comes here to do this, there's obviously something very much wrong with you."

"Try that B.S. in Singapore and get ... paddled - Vietnam should follow suit. At mininum they should be made to clean it up and shown the door for 10 years."
Wilson Muir

"Nothing makes an area look more run down than this! It has gotten exponentially worse in Vietnam and they need to take control of it like Singapore does, zero tolerance like drinking and driving. I'm so surprised it's gotten to this point and it's not just foreigners doing it. Shocking to see the younger Vietnamese participating in destruction of people's property, they used to have more respect. The first thing friends see when they come to visit is the graffiti and comment about how it makes Vietnam look. Especially compared to other Southeast Asian counties they have visited. Disgusting."

"In 2010 a Swiss national was jailed 5 months with 3 strokes of caning for spraying graffiti on Singapore's MRT trains. He appealed and his sentence was extended an additional 2 months. The caning sentence was not removed (ouch...). To this date no more graffiti in public places in Singapore. All spray painting hobbyists are welcome to try leaving graffiti there."

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