The only issue with Vietnam's tourism is visa approval time

June 12, 2024 | 03:27 pm PT
The only issue with Vietnam's tourism is visa approval time
A group of foreign tourists at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi in September,2022. Photo by Dang Le
Visa hassle is the biggest problem, if not the only, that discourages tourists from coming and returning to Vietnam, according to readers.

"Me as a European and as a traveler I say the only issue with Vietnam is the 5 days approval time for visa. I live in Kuala Lumpur now, if suddenly I want to go somewhere in ASEAN I’d go to Thailand or other places with no visa, cannot wait 5 days for a visa, at least make it instant approval like Indonesia."

"If you cross land border for visa run, it's 12 days, because they update after 5 days that you leave country. I have nothing against Vietnam, I live here 4 years, but 21st century still on the way."

"Visa fee is too high. Tourists are ready to spend over there. In that case visa fee [should] be waived like Malaysia and Thailand."

"The snowbirds who come to Thailand to escape the northern winter can now/soon get 60 days visa exemption plus another 30 days for 1900 baht. Many would like to do a side trip to Vietnam but after tackling the Vietnam visa website, find it frustrating so give up and travel elsewhere."

"There are a lot of things going on, rubbish everywhere and plastic bags everywhere you go in Vietnam, dangerous motorbike rider's riding on footpaths, red lights mean go faster, pedestrian crossings are a waste of white paint, no wonder people don't come back."

"Just make visa exempt for high-income countries and make public roads free of rubbish. Vietnam image will be improved 10x easy!"

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