‘Let everyone back in’

October 29, 2021 | 06:21 pm PT
As Vietnam prepares to reopen to international tourists, foreigners with families, partners in the country express frustration of waiting for their turns.

"So when can foreign spouses be able to leave Vietnam for work and return to Vietnam without being stuck? When can those foreign spouses who have been unable to return to Vietnam be able to come back? The gov't still has yet to answer this issue."

Mik Stockden

"I’ve got a wife and two children in Vietnam who I’ve not seen for nearly two years. I’m fully vaccinated but still can’t return. I understand the need for precautions but vaccinated spouses don’t present any more risk than vaccinated tourists, experts etc. Are tourists more important than children growing up without their parents?"

Peter Hodson

"Hello all, I am Uwe from Germany. I have since 10 years a real girlfriend in Hanoi. We want [to get] married in 2020, but Covid came before. From 22 January to September 2020 I stayed in Hanoi, couldn’t travel. Then I got a visa for work in China. Since this time I can’t visit her. [For] 14 months not seeing my girl, her 2 daughters and our dog. We have bought land and want to start building a house. Now all has to stop and my family is missing me and needs me. I mean, if tourists can come to Vietnam, we must also get the entry to visit our lovely persons. We bring money and technologies to Vietnam. Not only the tourists. I hope we find together a way, that Vietnam accepts our entry."

Uwe Medler

"Like all the others, we had to postpone plans for our wedding, both in Australia and Vietnam. I was supposed to be there for the reconstruction of our future marital home in Tam Ky, I redesigned it and my fiancee had to supervise the construction while I managed it from Gold Coast in Australia. It was a difficult time for us both creating stress and tension. Having made inquires from here in Australia I have to get permission from the Ministry of Health for entry but even that is proving difficult and I need that before I can leave Australia. It will be 2 years for me as I left in Feb 2020, with hopes that it would be over by June...."

Grahame (Gus) Cuthbert

"Time to let them back in. Let everyone back in through HCMC which is no longer pursuing a Covid zero strategy. A few days at a hotel, negative Covid test, release for home quarantine for a few more days. This will have zero impact on the total number of Covid cases in HCMC which are still 1,000 per day. Stop messing around with all these plans to open tourist destinations where the vaccination level is still too low and they are still pursuing a Covid zero strategy."


"Family visas should be included in those allowed back. So many children have been without a parent for nearly 2 years now. Its heartbreaking."

Sarah Loxley

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