International tourism can recover, but not so fast

December 20, 2021 | 07:12 pm PT
International tourism can recover, but not so fast
International tourists, some of the first to visit Vietnam since the country closed its borders in March 2020, tour Hoi An in November 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Duy Hau
Vietnam has taken steps to reopen borders from next year, but tourists might not rush back in under current pandemic situation.

"We all hope that slowly tourism can pickup next year, but international tourism can only be achieved by open up the borders without restrictions eg. Europe, America, Thailand etc. are leading the way. But the new Omicron virus could halt all this as this virus seems to bypass the existing vaccines, so we should not bet on tourism. Charter flights don't bring in tourists in quantity and many are returning Vietnamese, so being optimistic is ok. But portraying if Vietnam can attract tourists is wishful thinking to say the least."

"I would not bet on it... Firstly, many countries are advising their citizens not to travel. Secondly, their economies have also been hard hit, so many people don't have money to travel. Thirdly, the foreigners living in Vietnam have no idea where or if they can travel in Vietnam, so foreign tourists are completely in the dark. That is not a recipe for a tourist revival in my opinion."
Mike Williams

"As long as travel pass, green pass, vaccine passport pass, whatever + test upon departure, upon arrival and so on tourism will not start over again. I just guess that if I am tired of it, 90 percent think the same of me. I even do not speak about inflation factor etc."
Emmanuel Zussy

"At this moment Vietnam has a bunch of foreigners and nationals that want to return back into Vietnam but as a long term goal of tourism I think every country in the world including Vietnam are going to have an hard time recovering. Just look at Thailand as an country that is open now, they are having a hard time of bringing people back cause at this moment people are just to scared to travel."
Michael Jackson

"Please apply a discount on flight tickets, accommodation, food, and tours as much as you can in order to lure tourists. And the most important thing is to not shut down the city or close aviation for any reason, it merely ruins the economy, causes investors to lose faith in it and will cause some difficulties making ends meet."

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