I do not allow my child to use smartphones before turning 18

By Victor   May 13, 2024 | 10:26 pm PT
Many parents today let their children use smartphones from the age of two only to keep them quiet during meals.

I believe children should be banned from using smartphones and social media before the age of 18. Society and technology are developing too quickly, and many people think personal devices and social media are inherently necessary. As a result, many parents have exposed their children to smartphones at a very early stage.

Previous generations only used simple cell phones, or even had no mobile phones, but they were still able to study and work normally, and they were still able to develop just fine. So why should today's children be exposed to technology from such an early age (from 2-3 years old)? While the child protection mechanism is still weak, the best way is not to let them use smartphones until they are mature and have been fully educated to face all the good and bad aspects of smartphones as well as the social media.

The so-called "era of smartphones and social media" has only appeared for about 20 years. Meanwhile, the entire history of humanity has lasted many times longer than that. Without modern technology, we humans still live perfectly fine and develop just fine.

Most often, parents allow their children to use smartphones primarily for entertainment purposes, or to keep them quiet during meals. It is relatively rare for these devices to be used for educational purposes.

Generally for children, knowledge is still primarily obtained from books, schools, and from real-life experiences, not from the internet.

If your child can effectively learn using a smartphone and you are capable of supervising their internet use to mitigate online risks, then congratulations! In such cases, it would be appropriate for your child to use a smartphone daily.

As for me, I do not and still firmly do not let my child use a smartphone before reaching adulthood. Besides smartphones, my child still has access to computers, TV, newspapers, and books to access global information, so there is nothing to worry about my child falling behind.

I manage to navigate today's digital age well, but I am aware that, despite its benefits, technology also has its drawbacks, and even a slight oversight could potentially harm a child. The risks associated with technology are not hypothetical; they are real and present dangers that are often highlighted in the news and current events. I'm not advocating for a return to primitive living or a life of deprivation, but I believe that how much and to what extent we use modern technology should be carefully considered and approached with caution.

Many people think that having a smartphone in hand will provide more opportunities for development. But in reality, that smartphone only helps you connect to the internet, and how you use it for your benefit is another story, which depends on each user's ability to filter information. Meanwhile, children are vulnerable, so leaving them to access the internet too early will do more harm than good.

Please do not think that the smartphone is a master key that leads people to knowledge. If you do not know how to use that key, and you open the wrong door, what your child receives will only be toxins and unforeseen consequences.

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