After 26 years of eating out, I was diagnosed with cancer

By Tran Van Hung   May 17, 2024 | 04:00 pm PT
After I graduated from high school and left my family to study and work in HCMC, almost all my meals were from street eateries.

I did that for 26 years, until I was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer at 45, in 2019.

I do not smoke, I drink very moderately and exercise regularly, so it really bothered me that I got cancer.

I asked my doctor and he told me my eating habit could be the culprit, as street meals come with a lot of fat, and they are often grilled or fried, with little veggies.

Doctors often say that we get sick from our eating habit, and it's so true to me then.

And not just me. We have seen more young people getting sick, with gout, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, mostly because of the food they eat.

Although it is convenient, I think we should only eat out one or twice a week.

From my personal experience, I really hope that everyone, especially young people, can arrange time to cook simple meals at home, which will keep them safe and healthy.

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