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'We might be late': Video captures fire truck stuck in traffic in Vietnam

March 10, 2018 | 12:51 am PT
'We are very close to the fire, but it’d take us a few minutes to get there. There’s a traffic jam.'

A seven minute video shared on Facebook on Saturday has gone viral when it discloses a fire truck in Vietnam scrambled its way through traffic to extinguish a major fire.

The video, apparently recorded from the front seat, shows vehicles waltzed in front of the truck, while a firefighter desperately screamed on the speaker against the loud siren, “Please give way to the fire truck.” From afar a column of thick smoke can be seen belching out of a factory.

“It’s not gonna be easy,” voice of a firefighter in the background reckoned at the blaze, while another seemed to be on the phone with his colleague back at the station, asking to mobilize more water pump engines for the big fire.

“We are on our way but we might be late a bit,” the firefighter spoke in a calm voice to the other end of the line, “We are very close to the fire, but it’d take us a few minutes to get there. There’s a traffic jam.”

In front of them were vehicles still lining up, unintended to clear out.

In the comment section of the clip, Facebook users spread their rage.

"I am so angry watching this," one wrote.

The traffic signs in the video suggested the footage was captured along a highway in the northern province of Bac Ninh.

The time of the incident is unclear.

At the end of the video, when the crew managed to approach the factory on fire, they again found themselves stuck in the middle of a curious crowd. Onlookers stood still to take glimpses of the tragedy when the fire extinguishers honked and creamed to move through.

“This! This is traffic in Vietnam,” said a person in the truck.

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