Vietnamese arrested in Thailand over fake land deals

By Phan Anh   May 8, 2023 | 05:15 pm PT
A Vietnamese national was arrested in Thailand on charges of falsifying documents to sell other people's land.

Min Sen Wan, 55, was arrested in Udon Thani Province on Saturday, the Bangkok Post reported.

Min had been wanted since November last year for using false documents and lying to authorities to secure an ID card, among other accusations.

Police received more complaints from a group of villagers last month, about their losses from dealings with Vietnamese investors, Thaiger reported.

They said he had colluded with local officials to secure a Thai ID card and open a land sales and mortgage business.

Locals said Min falsified contracts to inflate the amount of debt people took on when they mortgaged title deeds with him for loans. They said Min went as far as to falsify other documents that then allowed him to sell some of the land plots he had title deeds for.

Several landowners were evicted from their own land as a result, according to the complaints.

Thai police said Min used the ID card of a Thai man identified as Anusorn in 1997, before changing his name to Kittinan Suntharaphirom.

Min denied all charges upon questioning.

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