Vietnamese men’s football team tops Southeast Asia in FIFA rankings

By Tuan Hoang   October 26, 2018 | 01:13 am PT
In September’s FIFA ranking for national men’s football teams, Vietnam retained its 102nd position, the highest in Southeast Asia.

Despite not playing any international matches last month, the Vietnamese men’s football team had 1,220 points in FIFA’s September standings, giving it the first place in Southeast Asia, 17th in Asia and 102nd in the world.

Vietnam has held on to the 102nd place since May, when it climbed up one place from the 103rd position.

Standing second in Southeast Asia is the Philippines with 1,172 points (114th in the world), followed by Thailand with 1,144 points (122nd in the world).

In Asia, Iran leads with 1,474 points (33rd in the world), followed by Japan and South Korea.

On the summit of world’s ranking, Belgium and France shared the top spot as joint leaders, marking the first time in the 25-year history of the table that the first place is shared.

The highest rank that the Vietnamese men’s football team has reached in FIFA rankings is 84th in 1998.

The Vietnamese women’s football team, meanwhile, were ranked 2nd in Southeast Asia, 7th in Asia and 36th in the world.

The rating of men’s football teams in Southeast Asia:

01. 102. VIETNAM 1220 (+0)

02. 116. PHILIPPINES 1171 (-2)

03. 121. THAILAND 1154 (+1)

04. 141. MYANMAR 1080 (-3)

05. 160. INDONESIA 1004 (+4)

06. 165. SINGAPORE 991 (+1)

07. 169. MALAYSIA 974 (+2)

08. 170. CAMBODIA 973 (-1)

09. 181. LAOS 937 (-2)

10. 191. TIMOR LESTE 910 (-1)

11. 196. BRUNEI DARUSSALAM 903 (-1)

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