Vietnam wins seat on UN culture committee

By VnExpress   December 3, 2016 | 10:10 pm PT
Vietnam wins seat on UN culture committee
The Vietnamese delegation at the UNESCO meeting. Nguyen Thi Hien stands second from left. Photo by Bao To Quoc
Vietnam now has a voice on the Advisory Board for UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee.

Associate Professor Nguyen Thi Hien became the first Vietnamese representative to the United Nation's Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization's committee on the preservation of cultural traditions.

Hien, who currently serves as the vice president of Vietnam's Institute of Art and Culture research, will now sit on a board of 12 international cultural scholars tasked with recognizing intangible cultural heritages.

Ambassador Pham Sanh Chau, director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Culture and UNESCO Department, said Hien beat out two Asia Pacific candidates during a U.N. meeting in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia on Friday.

Chau claimed the appointment reflects the international community's high regard for Vietnam.

UNESCO holds intangible cultural heritage as oral traditions, rituals and skills related to the production of traditional crafts.

The board has already recognized a number of Vietnam’s own traditions, including the worship of the Hung Kings in Phu Tho, Ca Tru song, and Quan Ho Bac Ninh folk songs.

In August, Ambassador Chau was nominated for UNESCO's director-general position for tenure 2017-2021 -- the first such time a Vietnamese diplomat had been nominated for such a position.

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