Vietnam to face teacher surplus crisis by 2020

By Hoang Thuy   May 18, 2016 | 12:58 am PT
Vietnam to face teacher surplus crisis by 2020
Although student numbers are increasing at a similar rate to developed countries, Vietnam may still have 70,000 teachers out of work by 2020, said Bui Van Quan, principal of the Hanoi Metropolitan University.

Quan said at a workshop held on May 17 by the Hanoi Metropolitan University, which has a long tradition of teacher training: “By 2020, Vietnam’s education system will not be able to afford to recruit all newly graduated teachers. That will leave about 41,000 teachers at primary school level, 12,200 at middle school level and 16,900 at high school level unemployed.”

At present, 63 out of 64 provinces in Vietnam have at least one university or college that provides teacher training programs.

However, Quan said the level of training does not live up to public expectations, and both the facilities and human resources at many universities are poor.

Ariel Cegla from The A.Ofri International Training Center, Israel, which provides professional teacher training programs said that Vietnam should increase the time student teachers spend as interns. University lectures should also include more discussions about Vietnamese teachers and the adoption of new teaching methods to suit current conditions.

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