Vietnam military generals get a pay raise

By Viet Tuan   July 4, 2018 | 10:33 pm PT
Vietnam military generals get a pay raise
Soldiers of Vietnamese army force march in a parade in Hanoi. Photo by Reuters
The monthly salary of generals has gone up VND1 million ($43) to nearly VND14.5 million ($630) from July.

Vietnam’s military currently has seven generals while its police force has two. 

New salary of generals is 10 times current basic wage in the co​untry's public sector. The current basic wage is VND1.39 million, after a 7 percent hike from the beginning of this month.

Public workers' monthly payments are calculated by multiplying this basic rate with a coefficient determined by qualifications and experience.

Besides the official salary, the Minister of National Defense will receive a monthly bonus of VND2 million, while chief commanders between VND1.7-1.9 milion.

The lowest-ranking military official, a lieutenant, gets VND5.8 million per month.

Vietnam's gross domestic product (GDP) per capita last year was $2,385. In Southeast Asia, this figure was just higher than that of Cambodia and Myanmar.

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