Three Chinese jailed for murdering compatriot

By Xuan Ngoc   September 19, 2020 | 04:00 am PT
Three Chinese jailed for murdering compatriot
Zhao Jun, Liu Lixu and Zhang Bo stand trial for murder in Khanh Hoa Province, September 18, 2020. Photo by VnExpress/Xuan Ngoc.
Three Chinese men in south-central Khanh Hoa Province were sentenced to jail Friday for murdering a compatriot and storing drugs.

Zhao Jun, 34, was sentenced to 15 years for murder, and 20 years for illegal storage of narcotic substances, Khanh Hoa People's Court heard. His combined sentences result in a 30-year term, the maximum jail time stipulated for a person receiving multiple jail terms in Vietnam, except for life imprisonment.

Liu Lixu, 23, and Zhang Bo, 32, received 14 years jail term for murder.

Another Chinese suspect in the case, Tian YouLina, had committed suicide while in detainment last year.

On July 5 last year, 25-year-old Chinese Tan Xueke accompanied two friends to a karaoke parlor in Nha Trang City. Zhao, Tian, and two others arrived later, entering into conflict with Tan, which escalated into a physical confrontation.

Tan then told his opponents to later return to the same karaoke parlor for another fight. In that fight, Tian stabbed Tan multiple times, causing him to be hospitalized before dying from his wounds.

The Chinese perpetrators then tried to evade authorities by driving to several locations, but were caught on July 8.

Police found drugs of several types, including marijuana, on Zhao's body and at his place of residence. The drugs were brought by Zhao from an unidentified compatriot, he confessed.

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