Seven dead bodies drift into Phu Quoc seas

By Ngoc Tai, Duong Dong   September 29, 2022 | 03:26 am PT
Seven dead bodies drift into Phu Quoc seas
A Google Maps screenshot of Phu Quoc Island near Cambodia.
Seven corpses were found floating off Phu Quoc Island in the southern Kien Giang Province Thursday.

At 11 a.m., locals saw the first two bodies drifting into the Bai Truong beach area of Phu Quoc. Five more bodies were found later in the vicinity. All the bodies were bloated and decomposing, their clothes tattered.

An investigation is ongoing.

Last week, in the seas of Phu Quoc, fishermen managed to rescue 9 Chinese people drifting at sea, about 20 nautical miles (40 km) away from Ganh Dau Commune. The Chinese said they were part of a 11-member crew traveling from China's Fujian Province to Cambodia to catch fish. However, as their vessel was crossing the Phu Quoc sea, it sank.

At around the same time, 23 people went missing after a vessel carrying wood, with 41 Chinese people on board, capsized off the coast of Cambodia's Sihanoukville Province. Those who were rescued said they began their journey from China’s Guangdong Province, before transferring to another ship.

When they got close to Cambodia, water entered the ship and it sank. The site of sinking was about 30 nautical miles off the Phu Quoc sea.

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