Singaporean, Bahamian vessels collide on river in Saigon

By Gia Minh, Dinh Van   February 11, 2023 | 02:10 am PT
Singaporean, Bahamian vessels collide on river in Saigon
Singaporean vessel Wanhai 288 sustains damage following a collision with Bahamian vessel Resurgence on the Long Tau River in HCMC, February 11, 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Ha Giang
Two container-carrying vessels from Singapore and the Bahamas collided with one another on the Long Tau River in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Saturday morning.

The Singaporean vessel Wanhai 288 was running along the Long Tau River to reach a port in HCMC when it collided with the Bahamian vessel Resurgence coming from the opposite direction.

The Wanhai 288 was carrying around 1,383 containers at the time, while the Resurgence was carrying over 600 containers. There were no casualties, but both vessels and several containers were damaged. The incident did not result in any oil spill.

The authorities have yet to announce the cause of the incident, or what goods the vessels were carrying.

A representative of the Maritime Administration of HCMC said the Resurgence vessel has been moved to the Cat Lai Newport. However, the Wanhai 288 is still located next to the bank of the river due to the shallow water in the area, which meant the vessel could not be moved. Once the tide goes up in the afternoon, the vessel will be able to enter the port.

The Long Tau River is a branch of the Dong Nai River that runs through Can Gio District. It is a vital waterway route for the southeastern Vietnam region, where major vessels enter from the South China Sea, which Vietnam calls the East Sea.

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