Screaming passenger banned from flying for one year in Vietnam

By Doan Loan   May 18, 2017 | 11:04 am GMT+7

She failed to pay a $176 fine for picking a fight with attendants and other passengers, which delayed the flight by 50 minutes.

The Southern Airport Authority has imposed a one-year flight ban against a woman after she failed to pay a penalty for scolding attendants and loudly arguing with other passengers which delayed a domestic flight for 50 minutes last month.

A statement from the agency said the woman from Hanoi will be banned from flying for a year starting this Sunday and will be subject to strict surveillance on any flight for a year after.

She was fined VND4 million ($176) for “violating regulations of aviation security by disrupting order on a flight” but has never paid it.

A video shared online showed the 44-year-old woman scolding attendants and loudly arguing with other passengers on a VietJet flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi on April 3. The pilot then refused her service, after the flight had been delayed for 50 minutes.

She was reportedly unhappy when boarding the flight, saying the budget airline changed the boarding gate without notifying her and she almost missed the flight. She did not receive the seat that she wanted either.

Vietnam’s airport authorities last month also fined a man VND7.5 million for hitting a VietJet employee who refused to let him board due to late check-in.

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